Ham Prices in Arizona ~ Easter 2021

If you are looking for a good deal on your Easter ham, here is a list of the pricing at most Arizona stores.

Spiral Ham Prices in Arizona Easter 2021

All of these hams are bone-in.

Prices are valid through April 6, unless otherwise noted.  Obviously, that’s after Easter, but who says a great price on ham is only for Easter?!

Aldi ~ 95¢/lb (limit 2, Appleton Farms, while supplies last, thru 4/4)

Bashas’ ~ 99¢/lb (limit 1, Hormel Cure 81)

Fry’s ~ $1.27/lb (limit 2, Kroger)

Safeway/Albertsons ~ $1.27/lb (limit 1, Signature Select)

Target ~ $1.29/lb (Market Pantry); $1.99/lb (Archer Farms Hickory Smoked, thru 4/3)

Costco ~ $1.79/lb (Sorry, don’t remember brand, unsure if price will change after Easter)

Sprouts ~ $2.99/lb (Butcher Shop Antibiotic Free); $3.49/lb (Butcher Shop No Sugar)

2021 Prices for Other Hams

Aldi ~ 69¢/lb (limit 2, Appleton Farms Smoked Ham Shank or Butt Portion, thru 4/4)

Fry’s ~ $1.19/lb (limit 2, Sugardale Ham Portion Shank or Butt)

Food City ~ $1.27/lb (limit 2, Cook’s Shank Portion)

Beyond! members, log in to see many other super deals with week.  I’m stocking up on a quite a few things!

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