Inflation is Up, but Your Spending can be DOWN! (2 months free!)

Scroll down for details on getting 2 months for free!

We all know things are costing more these days.  But, did you know that shoppers in our Beyond! group are still saving a bunch?  Read more about the membership here.

“Couponing” isn’t what it used to be.  So many coupons are digital now which is super convenient.  Plus, it’s really a lot about buying the right things at the right times, and we help with that.

We have a database that’s updated (at least) weekly with all the new sales and coupons/apps that will make the deals even sweeter at places like Fry’s, Safeway, Target, and CVS.

We highlight the best deals with one or two hearts so you know when to stock up.  There are many ways to search for deals to help maximize your savings.  Read more about it here.

We also have a super supportive member-only Facebook group full of amazing people ready to help you save.  I’m there too, but sometimes they’ve faster than me at seeing your question.

Normally, we only do this on Black Friday, but right now we’re offering 2 months free when you pay for your first month.  It’s only $8/month and you can save hundreds!

To get your two months free … sign up & pay for your first month of Beyond! ($8/month) and then email me saying you did.  I’ll add credit for two months.  You won’t have another payment for 3 months.  Of course, you can cancel anytime, but we hope you’ll be saving so much that you won’t want to!

The offer ends on June 10, so jump on it soon!
Update:  If you’re seeing this late, email me.  The email went out late and … I don’t want you to miss out on a getting a great deal.

Hope to see you inside the Facebook group!


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