Motivation you need to save, that you may not have considered . . .

Recently, a Beyond! member left the comment and picture of her receipt below.

Later, she admitted to being hesitant about joining Beyond! but is glad she did.

I get it.  It’s easy to think, “I’m trying to save money.  Why would I spend money?”

Beyond! is more than us sharing lists early, giving you extra tips, or finding extra deals you won’t on your own.

Beyond! is also about the other members & the community.  Many are wiling to help you as much as Gina & I are.  It’s motivating and energizes you, when you are with people who have the same goals.  Join us!

Below is another graph a Beyond! member shared.  She did Ibotta a little bit before joining, but has totally ramped up her savings now.  I take no credit for that.  It’s other people sharing what they find and motivating her to get out there and do it.  I love it!

Check out all the benefits of Beyond!  After you join, make sure you follow the link to request to join our private Facebook group.  I’m loving the community of people helping each other there, plus I feel like it’s just going to keep getting better!

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