Read these Testimonials!

Do me a favor and go read the testimonials here on the page that tells you about what Beyond! is.

I’ve done a horrible job at communicating what Beyond! is and the results you can get from it.  I guess I figured that everyone understood, who have been around for awhile.  But, not everyone has tried to use our lists and so many of you are new.

Luckily, I’ve been saving some of the comments I’ve received since you all do a better job summarizing it than me!

You don’t have to dedicate your life to this.  You don’t have time for that!

I’ve pulled some of them together, as I explain what a Beyond! membership gets you … for about $1.75/week, $7/month.

You’ll save tons more $$, but don’t take my word for it … head over to read what people are saying and why they stick around.

If you join, make sure you also request to join our Private Facebook group:

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