Earn Dbacks Reward Points from Fry’s for Free Stuff! ~ FAQ’s

Redeem the Diamondback points from Fry’s that accumulated during their 2021 season now.  The lower point items always go quickly, so don’t procrastinate.

The Sun’s Rewards program is almost identical and runs during their season… in case you’re reading this after the Dbacks program has ended.  (Link below for the future.)

How do you start getting Dbacks Rewards?

Enroll in the Fry’s Dbacks Rewards program here.

How do you earn Dbacks Reward Points at Fry’s?

After you are enrolled, you automatically earn one Dbacks Reward Point for every dollar you spend on select items at Fry’s.  Sometimes, items are marked in their weekly ad.  Other times, you’ll see a shelf tag showing that you get the extra perk.

For me, I just shop as I normally would and “accidentally” buy things that qualify sometimes.  I always end up with enough points for something, though the value seems to vary each year.

Items included for 2021 are:  Kroger, Simple Truth, Private Selection, Pepsi, Blue Bell, Frito-Lay, Gatorade, Pepperidge Farm, Red Bull, Rockstar Energy, Coors, Absolute Vodka, Jameson, Otterpops, Rockin Protein, Pringles and more!


How do you know how many Dbacks Rewards Points you have?

To check how many Fry’s Dbacks Rewards you have, you can look at the bottom of your receipt or log into your Fry’s account online.

Once you’re logged in, hover over your name and choose “My Account” and then scroll down to “Local Rewards” and click on that.

I have not been able to figure out how to see them in my Fry’s app.  I think you need to use the browser on your phone or use a computer.

How do you redeem Dbacks Reward Points at Fry’s?

Go here to redeem your Dbacks Rewards for merchandise.

They have different areas for merchandise, gear, & memorabilia.  Take a look around and see what you’d like. I sort by “lowest to highest” to make it easier since I never have the top number of points.

Do you have to pay shipping for freebies from Dbacks Rewards at Fry’s?

Nope!  Shipping on all merchandise you earn through the Dbacks Rewards program is completely free.

What is the deadline for earning & redeeming Dbacks Rewards Points for 2021?

You can accumulate Dbacks Reward points from May 12, 2021, through September 28, 2021.

Prizes can be redeemed June 12, 2021, through October 28, 2021.

Prizes are limited, so cash in as soon as you have enough points for something you want.

Do you have to re-enroll for Fry’s Dbacks Rewards?

You can enroll anytime, but won’t receive points for previous purchases.  If you missed this season, you can enroll now and be ready for next year.  You only have to enroll once.

You won’t get points for this past season, but you’ll get them the next time the season starts. They also do a similar program for the Suns which just started (more details below)!

How does the Suns Rewards program at Fry’s work?

The Suns Rewards program at Fry’s is almost identical to the Dbacks’ one.  It runs throughout the Suns’ season and you earn Suns’ merchandise instead, of course.  Enroll in the Suns Rewards program here.

Look for tags in Fry’s, like the one pictured below, to find more qualifying items.


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3 Comments on Earn Dbacks Reward Points from Fry’s for Free Stuff! ~ FAQ’s

  1. Hi me * my mom has had our frys card we used it every time we go to frys. Can u tell me how far back that we can claim . For one we were never told about this reward * points. How can I see what we have plus how far back .Thank U

  2. I’m still waiting for 2 Dbacks totes that I ordered about 2months ago. I had an email sent that they would be sent in 4-6 weeks. I have received other items that I ordered after. Please let me know if they are still coming.

    1. Hi Steve. Sorry, we are just a blog that promotes deals. We have no affiliation with Fry’s. You’ll need to contact them for any information. Thank you! ~ Gina

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