Join Us! (Kira’s saving $300 each month!)

Kira semi-reluctantly joined Beyond! a few months ago.  She already considered herself good at finding deals, so she wasn’t sure it was worth the cost.  I get it, but if you take a step back and think about what it’s costing you to not spend a little bit each month, you’ll probably change your mind.  We make it easy!

Few would be crazy enough to turn down a deal to hand over $8 to be left with an extra $100 (or more!) in your pocket each month.

Kira’s been tracking her savings.  She’s saving $300 on top of what she used to save by being an extra savvy shopper.  She’s now hooked!  (Kira saves $300 each month!)

… I find the Beyond group worth every cent (times 10)!  I only wish I had tried it out sooner! ….We have already cut our monthly grocery bill by $300 (3 months in a row, so I know it isn’t a fluke). And we come home with so much more food that we are gifting bags of food to friends for the products that were free ~ excerpts of Facebook comment from Kira

Did you catch that?  After our $8 monthly fee, that leaves an extra $292 in her pocket each month AND she is able to share her abundance!

This is from someone who already considered herself a bargain shopper.  If you’re not, you could save even more!

Added bonus — she doesn’t get taxed on her savings!  She’ll be “earning” over $3,500 extra each year and she doesn’t have to pay taxes on it since it’s not income.  I love that extra perk to saving vs working more.

You don’t have to go crazy and spend hours cutting coupons.  In fact, if you don’t want to cut or print any coupons, stick with digital and still save a bunch.  Your time is valuable!

All of our deals are in a database which means they’re easy to sort and access from any device.  We point you to the best prices with ♥ ♥ hearts ♥ ♥ so that you know when to stock up.

If you are running into Fry’s for “just one thing” and want to quickly see if you should grab something else, choose to view only the heart deals and make the trip more worthwhile.

You can plan your lists ahead of time since we put everything in there a day or two before the sales begin.

If you need Huggies and want to what store has them on sale, simple!

If you hate cutting or printing coupons, just look for digital deals. Pricing and hearts will adjust, so you know what you’re paying and whether we still consider it a good deal.  So much more!

Read more Beyond! testimonials & get full details on joining.

Hope to help you save BIG soon!

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