Saving Money on Groceries (+ more) without Coupons or Apps ~ Quick Video Series

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I’m going to be starting a 30ish day series of short, daily videos on Monday.  I will be sharing ways to lower your spending on essentials like groceries, toiletries, and household supplies WITHOUT coupons, apps, or anything complicated.

They will be super fast tips designed with the beginner in mind.  I’ll cover things like how to know if you’re getting a good deal, where to shop for certain things to find the best deals, with plenty of general shopping tips and warnings along the way.

If you know someone who has recently left the nest and is on their own, or someone who needs or wants to save money, but has never tried, this series is for them.

After 30ish days of super simple basics, I hope to continue with more in-depth “advanced” ways to save.

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