myWalgreens Cash Back Program (Balance Rewards Points Ended)

Walgreens Balance Rewards has ended and they have a new myWalgreens program.

We have all the details on how the myRewards program works and will cover all your FAQ’s.

myWalgreens cash rewards explained & quick summary. . .

myWalgreens is the new loyalty “card” at Walgreens, though it’s not a card.

Using your phone number or barcode in your app at the register will give you all sale pricing and 1% cashback on almost everything you buy and 5% back on Walgreens brand items.

There are a few other perks like personalized discounts now and then, but it’s basically a card to get you sale pricing and accumulate cashback.  More specific details are below.

How do you sign up for myWalgreens rewards?

It’s free to register for the myWalgreens loyalty program.  You can do it online, in your app, or at the register when you’re checking out.

You will just need a first and last name, zip code, and phone number to get the sale pricing.  An email or address is required to be on file before you are able to redeem rewards, so make sure you enter one of those.

What if you don’t have an email for myWalgreens rewards?

If you don’t have an email or want to provide one for redeeming rewards at Walgreens, they have now added an option to provide your home address instead.  Once you have one of those tied to your account, you are able to redeem rewards.

How does the Walgreens card & loyalty program work?

There isn’t a card for the myWalgreens program.  You will use your phone number during the checkout process, though you can also pull up a barcode in your app if you prefer.

The registered phone number or barcode will get you the advertised sale prices and also provide a few extra benefits, including allowing you to earn 1% cashback on each purchase or 5% on Walgreens branded items.  You will also have access to digital coupons.

What’s the difference between Walgreens Balance Rewards Card and their new myWalgreens program?

The benefits are about the same, other than they made everything easier to understand and rolled previous programs that were separate into one.

They have taken away the additional perks associated with their Beauty Enthusiast, which I view as a downgrade.  Other than that, I don’t see much difference other than the convenience of everything being wrapped up more neatly.

How do you earn reward points at Walgreens?

You won’t earn points anymore, but straight cash.  You earn 1% on most everyday purchases and 5% on Walgreens brand merchandise.

How do you redeem your Walgreens cash rewards?

After putting in your phone number or having your barcode scanned, the cashier will be prompted to ask you if you want to redeem your cashback, once you have at least $1.  For extra verification, you must also have an email or address tied to your account in order to redeem rewards.

You can use your credit or continue to save for a larger discount later.  There really isn’t any advantage to saving your earnings since nothing extra is earned for hitting a higher tier.

You can redeem your Walgreens Cash at $1, $2, $3, $4, $5, $10, $20, $50.

How long does it take for Walgreens cash rewards to credit to your account?

Most rewards are active right away, so you could use them in a separate transaction after earning them.  However, they say it can take 3-5 days, so if you don’t see them right away, give it some time.

Pharmacy points can take longer to activate.

Do Walgreens cash rewards expire?

Walgreens Cash will expire one year after you earn them or if your account has been inactive for six months.  If your card is active, points expire on a rolling 12-month basis.

Do coupons count towards the spending requirement at Walgreens?

Store coupons lower your qualified spending amount, but manufacturer coupons don’t.

This will only come into play if they have a bonus promotion going on, where you need to hit a certain spending threshold to get extra cashback or some sort of other instant savings.  You’ll always earn your 1% or 5% on each purchase.

If you are using a coupon from their ad, the booklet found at the front of their store, or from their app, they are often store coupons.  (The app will also have many manufacturer coupons, so make sure you read them carefully.)  If it’s a store discount, make sure you subtract the value of the coupon and still spend at least the required amount.

For manufacturer coupons, do not deduct the coupon value in the total amount you spend even though your out-of-pocket cost will be lower.

If you need to spend $10 to earn $3 in extra cashback and you buy two $5 items and use two $1 store coupons, you will not earn the $3 reward.  However, if you use two $1 manufacturer coupons, you will still get the $3 reward.

Think of a manufacturer coupon as cash or a gift card.  The store is still getting the extra money for your purchase.

On the other hand, think of a store coupon like an in-store sale.  They still want you to spend the required amount to give you the added perk.

Can you use earn Walgreens cash rewards for buying gift cards?

You are not able to earn Walgreens rewards for buying gift cards of any kind.  You also cannot use the rewards you’ve earned to purchase them.

What are the exclusions for earning and redeeming Walgreens cash rewards?

You are not able to use or earn points for some items like dairy; alcohol; tobacco; contact lenses; stamps; phone/prepaid/gift cards; money order/transfers; transportation passes; lottery tickets; prescriptions; pseudoephedrine or ephedrine products; pharmacy items or services; the Prescription Savings Club membership fee; items or services sold by third-party partners; exclusions required by law, local exclusions and clinic services.

Most regions DO allow you to earn 1% on prescriptions unless local law prohibits it.

Do you earn cashback at the Walgreens pharmacy?

You earn 1% cashback on pharmacy purchases.  You do not earn rewards on prescriptions and other pharmacy items and services in AR, NJ or NY.  You will also not earn cashback if you use some federally funded programs or if local law prohibits it.

What activities give you bonus points for healthy choices at Walgreens?

Meet a Walgreens health challenge to earn cashback.  Engage in and report healthy physical and lifestyle activities like walking, reducing sugary drinks, taking your prenatal vitamins or medicine, eating more fruits & veggies … even sleeping!  More information on all the challenges here.

How do you earn credit with the myWalgreens Health Goals program?

You earn Walgreens Cash when you complete a challenge in the physical or lifestyle category.  You earn for reporting things like exercise, blood pressure, blood glucose, sleep, eating healthy, and so much more!

Each week you complete a goal, you earn 25¢, up to $1.00 per category challenge per month.

You can participate in two challenges at the same time, one physical and one lifestyle, earning a total of $2 per month.

If you complete all four challenge weeks, you will be able to spin a bonus wheel which can be worth up to $2.

A challenge lasts 4 weeks.  You can earn rewards each week during that period.  Weeks begin on Monday and end on Saturday.

You will track your results during that time period.  Some challenges can be automatically tracked if you connect a device.  Others will need to be manually input.

You can log into their website, use their app, or even connect a fitness tracker to track results.

For full details and to sign up for challenges, go here.

How do you know how much Walgreens Cash credit you have?

You can check your balance online, in the app, or at the bottom of your receipt.

Can you earn & redeem Walgreens Cash online?

Yes, you can redeem your Walgreens Cash when making an online purchase, but not with mail-order prescriptions or photo purchases.  You will also receive points on qualifying purchases once your order has shipped.

Can you use coupons and still receive Walgreens Cash?

You can use coupons and still earn cashback with myWalgreens.  You earn on what you actually spend, so you will not earn on the coupon portion that was deducted from your total.

Can you earn Walgreens cashback when redeeming rewards cash?

You will still earn more Walgreens Cash when redeeming your cashback rewards, as long as your total is above $0.  You only earn on what you spend, not the part you saved by using the Walgreens Cash.

walgreens register rewards

Can you earn Register Rewards and cashback at the same time at Walgreens?

Yes, you can earn Register Rewards and cashback in the same transaction.  If you’re using a Register Reward, your total will be lowered and you won’t earn 1% on the amount you’re saving.  More about Register Rewards here.

Can you earn Register Rewards when redeeming cash rewards at Walgreens?

You can redeem cash rewards on a transaction where you will earn Register Rewards.  The cash discount does not impact your Register Rewards and visa versa.  More about Register Rewards here.

Does Walgreens give extra points for beauty purchases?

The Walgreens Beauty Enthusiast program ended on October 31, 2020.  Now, you just earn the standard 1% Walgreens Cash for all purchases or 5% if it’s a Walgreens brand item.

What is the contact info for missing Walgreens cash rewards?

If you know you earned rewards cash and did not receive it, log into your account, and then click on the “Request Missing Points” link.  Make sure you have your receipt handy.

Or, you can call Walgreens (855-225-0400) and speak with a customer service representative.

How do you redeem unused Walgreens Balance Reward Points?

The Walgreens Balance Rewards program phased out and then completely ended on January 31, 2021.  Now, you need to sign up for myWalgreens.


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21 Comments on myWalgreens Cash Back Program (Balance Rewards Points Ended)

  1. Pharmacies have consolidated, so, obviously, there’s little pressure for them to have a usable loyalty program. Loyalty is more-or-less enforced by the monopoly.

  2. So I keyed in my phone number at the register and I was *NOT* offered the opportunity to cash in reward money.
    1. why not
    2. can it be fixed retroactively?

    1. I’m so sorry. I wasn’t being notified about comments (not sure what happened), so I’m just seeing this. I am not affiliated with Walgreens, so am unable to help. I hope you were able to contact them and get it worked out.

      1. If you are not affiliated with Walgreens and also unable to help, can you explain why you bothered to reply?

  3. Has anyone else had issues with not getting your full 1 % back . ?

    1. I have to admit that I don’t shop there a lot, but I have not noticed any issues with my account. Call their customer service and ask about it if you feel like you’re not. Hopefully, they can help you out!

  4. Its free to enroll. Every purchase earns you 1% back. I have gotten many things for absolutely FREE due to my walgreens account. Highly recommend if you like to save money (obviously you enjoy sales)

  5. 23 gem drive

  6. I work at Walgreens and I often see multiple entries for one phone number, including my own. Can I edit my information on-line so there is just one?

    1. I don’t think there’s a way to do this yourself. I’d call their central customer service line and see if they can help you out. It makes sense to combine them into one, to make sure all credit is being maximized and going towards the same account!

    2. Can people who work at the store mess with your cash rewards like the amount you get back ?

      1. I’m not affiliated with Walgreens, but I don’t think an employee could affect your cash rewards unless they just don’t ring something up. I think everything is automatically put in the system when it’s scanned. That doesn’t mean it’s 100% programmed correctly, though. If you have any issues, I’d give their central customer service a call and see if they can sort it out with you. Good luck!

  7. I’d like to know if you get “credit” for the items which are not allowed to be purchased with award points. For instance, gift cards. Do I still get the points when I purchase them?

    1. I should have been more clear (fixed that). You are also not allowed to earn points on those items. The list includes gift cards, so you do not earn points for those.

  8. I redeeemed a $7 Cash Rewards coupon that I received on a previous visit. But the $7 is not available in the same transaction, nor even the same day. So I takes 3 separate visits over at least 3 days, to redeem the “coupon” — once to receive it, another to redeem it (for future credit), then a 3rd visit to actually use it. Compare this to a normal coupon that is redeemed in a single visit.
    This is so lame. They expect you to visit Walgreens at least 3 times in a single week (the coupon expires in 7 days). What a waste of time and energy.

    1. I do not shop at Walgreens very much anymore, so I haven’t done it for a while. But, you used to be able to redeem/use it at the same time. I’m wondering if the cashier did something wrong. If you want to be sure, I’d contact their customer service. Hope this isn’t the new way of doing things!

  9. What if you don’t have an e-mail address? You can’t use the cash back program?

    1. I’m not sure how to get around not having an email since they ask for that when you redeem your reward dollars. You could try calling their customer service and asking if there’s another option. 855-225-0400 If you find an alternative, please let us know!

  10. I will choose not to shop in Walgreens if I have to enroll to get your sale prices. Other stores that have cards give sale price regardless of enrollment in rewards programs using a generic card….they want my business and I do not want the rewards, just a product that might be on sale.

    1. You could ask inside your store to see if they have a generic card (or similar), though you would miss out on the cashback. If you don’t shop there often, it’s probably not a big loss of savings.

      I’m not affiliated with Walgreens in any way, so if you want your feedback to get to them, make sure you go directly to their website and contact them there.

    2. Its free to enroll. Every purchase earns you 1% back. I have gotten many things for absolutely FREE due to my walgreens account. Highly recommend if you like to save money (obviously you enjoy sales)

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