Circle K Instant Win Game 2023 – Play in App or Online

A new Circle K instant win game started December 1, 2023.  You can play online or in your app.

Circle K has instant win games that often get you gas discounts, product freebies, and entries into big sweepstakes.

New Circle K Game – December 1 2023 – December 31, 2023

Circle K’s instant win “game” started on December 1, 2023 and will run through December 31, 2023.

Where is the new Circle K Game in the app?

You can still play the game in a browser ( or if you have their newest app, there’s a link in there.  It will take you to your browser and you’ll play it outside the app, but the app makes it easy to find later.

For the last game, I couldn’t find the game after digging all over.  I was confused until I discovered there is another app that’s called Circle K North America. (I’m not even sure what I had & was using, but it still has offers in it and works too.) Make sure you’re download that app.  There’s a banner in there that will link you to the game.

Don’t assume you already have the app.  Get the right one!

Below, it shows the different logos for their apps.  The new one is the one on the left & what you need to get all the current Circle K offers and deals in Arizona and other states.


How do you play the Circle K Game?

To begin, you’ll need to enter a valid cell phone number, and then you may need to answer a few other basic questions.  After that, it’s fast.  You can play once per day.

You pick the number for the day of the month (will pop up for you) and you “scratch” the game piece to see if three match.

If they do, the prize is entered into your wallet.

How long do you have to redeem your Circle K prize?

After you win your prize, you are given 3 days (10 days for fuel discounts) to redeem your prize.  There will be a countdown clock that shows how many hours, minutes, and seconds you have left.

Where do you find your Circle K Wallet & Redeem Instant Win prize?

If you win Circle K’s instant win game, your prize will be in your “Wallet.”  To get to your wallet, you will need to open the game again (in your app).  You will probably see a red button that says, “Go to Prize Wallet.”  If not, tap the menu on the top right and choose “Prize Wallet.”

The first time you access it, you will be texted a verification code.  After that, you will be able to go directly to your wallet without the extra verification process.

When you’re at Circle K, you will click “Redeem” under the prize you won.

Don’t click the next link until you know you’re getting close to checking out (or when they start ringing it up) since you only have 5 minutes to redeem the offer after you click it.  You can click the first “Redeem” you see under the prize earlier.  Just don’t click the next one that pops up unless you want your timer to start.

Don’t close the offer until you are sure it’s been accepted.  Sometimes, something goes wrong and they need to rescan it.  If you close the offer before it goes through, you won’t be able to reopen it.

Your prize will not come via a text message as in the past.

What is the Circle K Instant Win Game grand prize?

At the end of the Circle K game, one person will win a $1000 Circle K gift card.  You get an entry each time you “lose” and don’t win an instant win prize.

The winner will be chosen on or about January 8, 2024, and will be notifed through a text message.

What is the Circle K Bonus game?

After you have played the instant win game, you will see a white button to “PLAY TO WIN THE WEEKLY PRIZE.”

Tap where you want the ball to go, but realize it can’t fit in the upper spaces that are surrounded.  If it touches at least two other matching balls, they will disappear.  If what you clear is above anything else, everything drops, so you may clear extra at the same time.  You need to clear everything before something touches the bottom line.

During the game period, they will choose a $100 Circle K gift card winner from the top 100 leaderboard.

Winners will be notfied via the text number they used to enter. 


**** I’m in the process of updating & doing a new post with additional information.  Some info below is accurate, but some has recently changed with their new app and new Inner Circle program.  Stay tuned!  I’ll link to it soon. ****

How do you get coupons or save money on gas at Circle K?

You can save money on gas at Circle K in the following ways:

  1. Play their instant win game (see above).
  2. Join their Easy Pay program (see below).
  3. Use the Upside app.  (details here).

How do you sign up for Circle K Text Offers?

To begin receiving Circle K text deal, text COFFEE to 31310.  You’ll get an offer for a free coffee, but there’s more! They will send you random offers to save on fuel or other freebies.  Make sure you’re also playing their game and using their app for freebies and other great deals.

You also have the option to opt-in when playing the Circle K game.

Dbacks Strikeout Meter for Freebies!

The Strikeout Meter is back for the 2023 season.  After each home game, you’ll get a freebie.

If you have the old Circle K app (with the orange line under their square logo), go to the “Deals” tab to see what is offered.

If you have the new “North America” Circle K app (more circular logo; only app offered now, I think??), you should see it if you scroll down to “Featured Deals” or if ou choose the “Coupons” option under “Deals.”

They are still appearing in the “old app,” not the one labeled “North America”.

How does the Circle K app & Easy Rewards program work?

It tracks points, gives you $2 free on your birthday and anniversary, offers coupons and sweepstakes, and keeps track of bonus rewards.  And, you might even get other freebies from time to time!

How do you get Circle K Points with Easy Rewards?

You will need to register for Easy Rewards in your app or sign up here by linking the card or your keytag to your account.

When you scan your barcode/card you will get 10 points for each gallon of gas you purchase and 20 points for each dollar you spend on items like food and non-alcoholic beverages.  When you hit 2,000 points you earn $2 in Circle K cash.  If you spend less than that, most stores will just give you the cash back.

For some perks, you will need to have location settings enabled or they won’t show up.

Circle K Reward Points for Polar Pops, Coffee, & More

Scan your barcode/card each time you shop to earn points for the money you spend (towards $2 rewards), but also to keep track of how many select items you purchase, towards bonus rewards.

If you buy a certain number of select items, you get one free.  Check out the “Rewards” tab to see the current offers available.

For instance, if you buy 10 Polar Pops, the next one is free.  Or, if you purchase 5 hot beverages, the 6th is free.  There are many more, so check out the “Rewards” tab of your app to see if they are items you purchase regularly.

Circle K App Birthday Freebies & More Bonuses

Make sure you enter your birthday when registering for the Circle K app.  You will get $2 to spend.  It’s good for 30 days.  Remember to check your app, sometime after your birthday.  If you don’t feel like being a big spender, most stores will give you the change … if you just want something like a Polar Pop.

Added birthday tip:  Love birthday freebies!?!  There’s a huge list of Arizona birthday freebies here.  Some require signing up, some just ask you to show up with your ID.  Find the ones you love the most and take advantage of them each year!

You will also get another $2 on the anniversary of your sign-up.  They are nice little perks!

Also, check your app on holiday weekends.  They seem to offer $2 off most anything on those weekends.

Circle K Senior Discount

On the first Wednesday of each month, seniors get $1 off any $1 purchase.  Find this in the “Rewards” tab of your app.

Beyond those freebies, check the “Deals” tab for coupons, sweepstakes, and information about store promotions.

You’ll find offers for free items when you buy certain products or money off specific items.

Every once in a while there will be a freebie for checking in or another reason.  Look right before or on national holidays.


What is Circle K Easy Pay at the gas station mean?

Easy Pay is a card used for Circle K gas, that is linked to your banking account.  You scan it at the pump to save 10¢ per gallon instantly.

For the first 60 days or 100 gallons, you will also save an additional 20¢ per gallon, so you’ll save 30¢ per gallon.

You need to enroll first, to begin receiving your extra savings.  After your cards are linked, you can begin enjoying all the benefits.

For full details on the program and how to register, go here.

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43 Comments on Circle K Instant Win Game 2023 – Play in App or Online

  1. How does the share work for the rewards? I tried it and my husband was not able to find the reward and then it moved it to inactive phone.

    1. I’m sorry that I didn’t see this earlier. Unfortunately, I’m probably little help, though. You can try contacting Circle K’s customer service if this doesn’t help you . . .

      You have to go to your prize wallet (in the game/browser, not their app) and click the green arrow on the right, on the prize you want to share. They give a warning that says, “You can only share prizes from your native smartphone browser (not from apps). I just follwed the promts after that and it sent my daughter a text with a link she could click on to redeem the prize. If you were on your phone, I don’t know what could have gone wrong. Hopefully, their customer service can help you.

  2. How do you find the Virtual Product AR in a CircleK store to enter their Pay Your Bills current contest?

    1. What is the virtual part? I’m so confused and the associate was no help!

  3. when will the new games begain

    1. Sorry for the slow reply on this. I just saw your question. The new Circle K game should be starting tomorrow, December 1.

  4. when will the new games start like them a hold lot let me know

  5. The Sept-Nov game ended for Circle K. Will there be another one this year?

  6. I paid for the 30 day drink should have been out just before the 1st. Paid again befor Christmas an was ask to pay again on the 3rd. What do do I do?

    1. I’m sorry for not responding to this sooner. I just saw your comment. I’m not affiliated with Circle K, so you will have to contact them directly. Hope that you already did that and they were able to help!

  7. This game is really frustrating because I’ve had the weirdest luck or its a scam because for a week in a row I’ve gotten nothing but string cheese or pork rinds. They are obviously trying to give them two things away. I was really excited about the new game this year til I played it for a few weeks.

    1. That is weird. I’ve never won string cheese, but my husband did once. I don’t even think the stores around us carry iut. I’ve won pork rinds a few times, which is annoying since … yuck! But, I’ve enjoyed most of the other prizes and it’s awesome to win every day. I’m still coming out ahead, even if you take out the prizes I don’t like, since you win every day. Hope your luck changes soon!

  8. Horrible game. Dies not work properly. Sad. The other games were at least fun.

    1. I’ve won chips, beef jerky, sodas, discount on fuel, energy drinks, almost everything there is to win I’ve won , great game.

  9. Horrible game. Dies not work properly. Sad. The other games were at least fun.

    1. I agree! The other games were straightforward and you got a nice prize instantly. This is a pain! I logged in this morning and something changed. It SEEMED like points were added, but who knows what happened? It’s still a mess and I’ll have to try it another day or two to see if they really fixed anything. BUT, there might be hope for them fixing something.

    2. Weird
      Its beem working pretty well on my end. Workes properly, with zero issues. Could be your phone, internet, or maybe you cant figure out how to work the site/app?

      1. The game is over now, but it was super glitchy for many. I got many emails, comments on social media, etc. It could have depended on time of day, browser, device, etc. Maybe they’ll iron out the kinks so everyone doesn’t have issues next year. Glad you didn’t have issues, though!!

      2. Ughh, sorry! I was responding to (what I thought) was a comment on a post about the Safeway game that just ended. That was super glitchy, but is over!

        This game is still going. I keep getting notices about fuel rewards having issues, but other than that, it’s worked pretty well for me in this round. Glad you aren’t having issues!

  10. For the summer sweepstakes where is the code that you enter online when you buy a snack or bottle beverage?

    1. I wish I knew! I tried entering the # above the UPC and the UPC # and it wouldn’t take either. I’m also not getting a point each day I login and the tracker hasn’t moved for returning 5 days. Basically, I think this game is not working for everyone. I hope they get it fixed soon. This is such a disappointment compared to their previous games!

      1. I’m not either this game is not good

    2. I wish I knew too doesn’t give points for returning each day either!

      1. I know of others having the same issue. It isn’t you! There is something wrong. I wish they would fix it!

  11. I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong at Circle K to use my Fry’s gas points. The prompt on the screen says rewards, so I press that, then press Fry’s alternate ID, I put in my 10 digit number, enter, and then it just asks me to slide in my credit card, with no option to use the fuel points?!

    1. I’m pretty sure that’s all I do and it magically works. Sorry, but I’m not sure how to help you since I’m not affiliated with Fry’s. You should probably contact their customer service: 1-800-KRO-GERS (1-800-576-4377)

      Hope they can help!

  12. Please note that for special coupons like “free $2 for Cinco de Mayo”I have now had to scan the coupon twice as it only takes off $1 at a time.

    Take away: make sure you are confirming the coupon after scan and the amount too.

    Thanks to circle k for offering this but their app and system is faulty. And they outsource their customer service.

    1. YES! I added a note at the top for yesterday’s deal, but need to put a note down below that will stay. It’s happened the last several times, but most cashiers don’t know. Yesterday, I asked the cashier to scan it twice and he looked at me like I was crazy. Instead, he asked to see it. I showed it to him and said, “See, it says $2. I’m not sure why it works, but in the past the cashier has scanned it twice and it works. Can you try that?” He did and … magical, just like I said. :)

      For others reading this … the problem comes in, like Sarah said, if you close it. DON’T! Some cashiers really want you to scan in your Rewards barcode, but if you close the coupon to get to it, you’ll be out of luck. Wait until you verify your total!

  13. Fyi you don’t have to use the whole $2. They will give you the change when you have these credits.

    1. Yes, you’re right! I should add that. I’ve gotten their Polar Pop, a buck, and some change before. Thanks for the reminder!

    2. Circle k has now resorted to not automatically displaying your sale on the screen at checkout. Be sure that you ask the cashier and get your receipt as they will not always tell you whether it was redeemed and once you close it you are out of luck. Also they will not give/offer you change if it is a small amount .25 or less. You have to ask.

      1. Yes! I had that happen. It seemed like my game freebie had gone through and then she said, “Wait, it didn’t work.” It was gone since I closed it. :( She ended up telling me to just take it, which I’m sure isn’t what they’re supposed to do, but it was nice. I’m sure it can go the other way just as easily.

        Thanks for the heads up on asking for the change!

  14. I just had my birthday in December, so I can confirm that the $2 is awarded ON your birthday and is good for 30 after. Free money, just used mine for a gallon of milk for .99. Can’t beat that!

    1. Thank you for confirming that. I was pretty sure it was 30 days, but was also afraid it might have been shorter. Now, I don’t have to wait until my birthday to confirm. Thanks!

    2. Are u able to redeem multiple prizes at once from your wallet

      1. Yes, you can redeem up to 3 prizes at the same time!

  15. Sorry for the duplicate replies. Your “recaptcha” thing kept timing out after 10 seconds. Had to keep selected the palm trees and crosswalks. Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to let us know, even with the captcha being a pain. It’s appreciated!

  16. Tested it this morning and you don’t have to make an additional purchase. They only try to charge you the tax on the item that is Free.

  17. Tested it this morning. Didn’t have to buy anything else, just the Little Debbie (even though the CircleK I go to didn’t have the Christmas Cake) Oatmeal cake. Ended up being three cents as they wanted the tax. The clerk said not to worry about the three cents. lol

  18. In the fine print of the offer it says free “with any purchase”. I wonder if they really enforce that part.

    1. Thanks for pointing that out! I assumed it was the same as previous years. I added a note, and am hoping someone to will test it and let us know.

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