Best Deal on Sam’s Club Membership 2024 – Only $14!

Get a big discount on a Sam’s Club membership!  It’s over 70% off, only $14 through April 30, 2024.

Sam’s Club Membership Deal 2024!

Use this link to get 50% off your membership.  It makes a membership only $14!
This offer expires April 30, 2024.

The offer is only good for those who have not been a member within the past 6 months.

If you have been a recent member, consider having someone else in your household get a membership.  Since they have great deals from time to time, my husband and I switch off being the primary member, but we can both shop there.

Go here to get the 72% off membership offer — only $14!

You will be able to pick up your membership card at any Sam’s location or you can begin shopping online right away.  (They offer free pickup.  See below.)

If you’re not going to a warehouse to get your card right away, you can find your membership number by logging into their website and going to “Your Account” and then to “Account Information.”

Note:  Your membership will auto-renew, but you can cancel anytime.  You can do it online, in-store, or by calling:  1-888-746-7726

Sam’s Club Curbside Pickup

Sam’s Club offers free curbside pickup when you order online, if you have a Plus membership.  If you don’t, there is a $4 fee.  The earliest time slot available is 10 am for regular members vs 7 am for Plus members.  On Sunday, the earliest time for both types of memberships is 10 am.

Any product labeled “Pickup” (see pic above) is eligible.  Click on the product and you’ll see it under the item’s price.

Pickup is simple.  You’ll pull into one of the marked spots and then either use your app or text to let them know you’re there.  They’ll load your vehicle and you can be on your way.

Can you order frozen or refrigerated items for pickup from Sam’s?

You can use curbside pickup at Sam’s Club to order frozen or refrigerated items.  They’ll keep it cold until you get there.  Anything with the “Pickup” label is eligible.  It seems that you can get most items that the warehouse carries.  Super convenient!

Sam’s Club Same-Day Delivery Fees

Sam’s Club offers same-day delivery.  The fee is $12, though only $8 if you have a Plus membership.  Go here to learn more.

How much cheaper is Sam’s Club gas than other stations?

Near me, Sam’s Club’s fuel is anywhere between 20¢ and 40¢ cheaper per gallon.  As gas prices have increased, that gap seems to vary more.  I live in Arizona.  You can get the Gas Buddy app to check prices before going.

Is Sam’s Club or Costco cheaper for gas?

Near me, the price of gas at Costco and Sam’s Club are usually exactly the same or within a couple cents of each other.  You can use your Gas Buddy app to check. 

If you don’t have a Sam’s membership, go here to get 72% off your membership

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26 Comments on Best Deal on Sam’s Club Membership 2024 – Only $14!

  1. I ordered my Sam’s club card before Christmas and still haven’t received my $45 e-gift card? How do I go about get it?

  2. I ordered my Sam’s club card before Christmas and still haven’t received my $45 e-gift card? How do I go about get it?

  3. Can this $45 gift card/credit be used online right after buying a new membership, or do I have to wait until card is delivered by email, which seems to take awhile?

    1. You can use your Sam’s membership online right away, but you won’t have the card until later. So, no … not the gift card. It would be nice if they give it to you right away, but they don’t. Sorry!

  4. The egift card takes forever to be delivered! I waited almost 6 weeks and had to contact customer service 4 times to get it.

    1. Sorry that it took so long to arrive and you had to follow up on it. Mine came automatically. Hopefully, they’ll fix whatever was wrong and this won’t happen to more people. Sorry that you had a hassle, but I’m glad you followed-up and got it!

  5. So a year membership is $45 n lasts a year then why do this one that lasts only 3 months for the same price??

    1. It doesn’t last only 3 months. This membership lasts for a full year.

      I’m assuming you’re looking at the expiration date of January 2022. That is when the offer (to get the membership ends), not when the membership ends.

  6. How is it free if your asking for 45$????? It’s not free

    1. I said it was “basically” free. If you read the details you’ll see that you need to spend $45 and then get $45 off your shopping trip. That’s “basicallY’ free to me since I can get it right back on one trip or over multiple trips. But, obviously, it’s not right for everyone and you will have to be the judge of whether it’s a good deal or not.

  7. I received a text message on my phone xxx-xxxx that I have a Sam’s club card with 199 credit limit or 199 funds ready to be activated. But how to do it if I don’t have a card.

    1. I’m not sure what you’re referring to. If you got the free membership deal I talked about above, it’s not a credit offer. It’s just a membership card to give you access to shopping at Sam’s and they give you a $45 gift card to use. You are able to login in online and find your number to place online orders, or you can go to your nearest club with ID to pick up your card.

      What you received sounds like spam, but if you want to look into it, I’d call the central customer service for Sam’s Club.

      I edited out your phone number since I don’t want it floating around here for others to see … just so you know.

  8. Juli, how long is this offer valid for?

    1. This deal seems to go in and out. I got an email a day ago saying it ended, but would probably start back up. I didn’t even update since I knew it wouldn’t be gone long and that’s how this deal works.

      Then, I got one this morning saying it’s back. So, try now. Just get the code and then you can wait to redeem it, but you want to make sure you get it while it’s available.

    2. It says 01/31/2022.

      1. Thanks! The question was asked when this deal used to come in and out and different links were given. This one has stayed steady for a while. I have it on the very top of this post now, so hopefully it will last as long as it says now!!

    3. this offer expires on January 31, 2022, & I hope this will help you

  9. How long 8s this offer valid to register?

  10. Can I use the $45 to buy a gift card . . . or do I need to actually make a purchase of something?
    Annie I.

    1. I’m not 100% sure. This is the type of thing where I suggest calling the location you’ll go to. Ask them. If they say you can get a gift card, ask for the person’s name in case something goes wrong. Hope you can!

  11. Sorry never mind I read the offer!

    1. Ughhhh, sorry! I thought I had typed “can’t be a current member” but only had “can’t” in there before I decided to go read the fine print, to see if it had something like, “can’t have been a member in the past 60 days” or something like that. I didn’t see anything, so I thought I was done. I guess my brain wasn’t fully functioning. Thanks for catching it and letting me know that it made no sense. I got it fixed!! Glad you figured it out on your own, too. Sorry!

  12. Does this mean new members only I’m a little confused on the “can’t get a $45 credit in your account’ ?

  13. Thanks.

    1. Of course! Hope you put it to good use!

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