Dbacks Win! 2023 Deals at Taco Bell, Jack in the Box, Circle K, AMF, Streets of NY

When the Diamondbacks win, get a home run, or strikeouts . . . we get some great food deals!  Free tacos at Taco Bell, Jumbo Jack at Jack in the Box, and snacks at Circle K.  All details of each offer are below.

We won’t post these after every game during the season since they have so many, but here’s what you need to know.


dbacks taco bell deal

Taco Bell is doing the same promotion in 2023 that they’ve done for several years.

Participating Taco Bells will give you three free crunchy tacos when you purchase a large drink if the Diamondbacks score at least 5 runs.  (Home or away games. A win or loss doesn’t matter — well, for the tacos!)

The deal is only good the day after the game from 4 pm – 6 pm.

No coupon is necessary.  Large drinks are $2.89 + tax at my Taco Bell in 2023.

Here’s a link to their schedule.  It also lists the scores of past games, so you can see if they scored 5 runs!

You should be able to pay more to upgrade to a freeze, Dorito tacos, or get all three with sour cream & tomatoes.  There could be some exceptions, but ask your location if you’re interested in something extra.

**  It’s safest to call your location before going, just to make sure they’re participating.  I’ve heard that Tucson is not participating this year.


Current info for 2023 can be found here.

If any Dbacks player “Jacks” a home run out of the park, fans can go Jack in the Box the next day to receive a free Jumbo Jack with the purchase of a large drink.  This is continuing promotion for the 2023 season.

The location near me charges $3.39-$3.59 (plus tax) for a large drink in 2023.

If you’re not a Dbacks follower, you can find out if the Dbacks got a home run by following the quick steps outlined here.

Not all restaurants are participating.  The 7th St. & Indian School location is not, and a few in Tucson don’t participate.

Circle K has a Strike Out Meter for the Dbacks. During regular-season 2023 home games, you’ll get a freebie based on the strikeouts.  The more strikeouts, the better the deal!

You need to download their app to get this deal.  An offer will appear in the “Deals” tab the day after each home game.

They also have an instant win game going on.  Play that each day and you can often grab two freebies at the same time.  Details on that here.

The Strikeout Meter deal will automatically get sent to your device and be under “Deals” in the menu.  You’ll need to click the offer when you’re in the store (countdown clock starts) and then show the offer to the cashier.  It may not show up if you don’t have location settings turned on.

No other purchase is needed with these Circle K deals.

Remember, this is only good the day after home games, so it’s usually good for many days while they’re playing at home, then gone for a while until they’re home again.


AMF Free Bowling Deal

During the Dbacks seasons, you get a free game of bowling the day after they make 10 hits.  Shoes are not included.

If you don’t keep that close of tabs on the team, you can call AMF and ask if it’s happening or check the Dback’s box score here.  Look under the “H” column.  If it’s 10 or more, you’re set!

I called the AMF closest to me in Chandler, AZ (on Chandler Blvd. & AZ Ave.)  They told me shoes were $5.69 + tax.

Streets of New York 2023 discount code!

Streets of New York is giving everyone $5 off a $25+ purchase each day the Diamondbacks play this season.  It’s good at all their 16 Ariziona locaitons.

Use code DBACKSPEC when ordering online.

You may want to call and see if they will honor this special in-restauarant, but the one I called said you could also get it there and don’t have to order online.  Just mention it.


The Papa John’s deal is not valid this year.  Go here to find other discount codes that will save you money.


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3 Comments on Dbacks Win! 2023 Deals at Taco Bell, Jack in the Box, Circle K, AMF, Streets of NY

  1. Not many participants. This is more of an advertising stunt. Not fun going to a taco bell, expecting your getting the deal and wind up paying for it. My son is on disability and has very limited spending money. I told him about the deal and he went to taco bell and ended up spending his last dollars for the month. He came to me with tears in his eyes. I was so sorry, I gave him his money back.

  2. Do any of the Taco Bells or Jack boxes give rewards for AZ or Dodgers or Padre game results in LAS VEGAS?

    1. I’m so sorry. I wasn’t being notified about comment (not sure what happened), so I’m just seeing this. I don’t think you get anything in Vegas. I think it’s just for local teams. Sorry!

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