Sunsplash Discounts 2023 ~ Coupons, Promos, & Deals for Phoenix Area Waterpark (Mesa, AZ)

Updated for 2023!  Save at Golfland Sunsplash waterpark in Mesa, AZ.  Coupons aren’t usually available for discounts, but there are special times and ways to purchase tickets that will make a difference.

How much is regular admission to Sunsplash?

Sunsplash admission prices for 2023 at Sunspash:

  • Over 48″ = $52.60 at gate
  • 3 years old or under 48″ = $49.63 at gate
  • Seniors (over 60) = $49.63 at gate
  • Online price = $39.99 Mon-Thurs; $44.99 Fri; $46.99 Sun; $48.99 Sat  
  • Seniors (over 60) = $46.17
  • Toddlers 12-35 months = $5.99
  • Under 12 months = Free
  • Online price = $39.99 Mon-Thurs; $44.99 Fri; $46.99 Sun; $48.99 Sat  
  • Night Splash = $39.70 at gate (not available every night, see calendar)
  • Online Night Splash = $29.99 Mon-Thurs; $32.99 Fri-Sat
  • Full details here. (Always check their calendar since there are some closures and a few pricing changes from time to time.)

They also have combo tickets if you want to spend more time there and enjoy Golfland too!  See their webiste for pricing and details.

For most ages, you’ll probably want to purchase a ticket online so that you can save and also guarantee your admission since capacity is limited.  Or .. see options below . . . 

When can you use Pogo Passes at Sunsplash?

You can use Pogo Passes at Sunsplash Monday – Friday (excluding Night Splash on Fridays).

Pogo Passes are $59.99 (if you use code SUNPLASH or link given) and each pass includes a free visit to Sunsplash, Passes are accepted Monday – Friday (Friday Night Splash excluded).  With a Pogo Pass, you’ll also get into MANY other venues for free.

!!! ~ Pogo has added a 3 hour package to Golfland to the pass!  You can save it for another time or extend your fun on the same day! (It’s available Monday -Thursday, and Friday until 3 pm. You can pay $10 to upgrade to a weekend or $6.99 to add video games.)

For only $20 more (or only $15 on a Friday), you can get so much more than a one-time admission to Sunsplash!

* Venues are subject to change.  See Pogo website for details about each venue.

What are the hours for Night Splash at Sunsplash & how much is it?

Night Splash begins at 5 pm and ends at 9 pm Monday – Thursday and at 10 pm on Friday & Saturday.  (Note that they are closed on many Mondays & Tuesdays, but not all.)

Night Splash admission is $39.70 at gate or you can get online tickets for $29.99 Monday – Thursday and for $32.99 Fridays and Saturdays.

Check their calendar here to verify the hours & pricing on the day you plan to go.

Can you stay for Night Splash if you have a day ticket to Sunsplash?

If you paid for daytime admission at Sunsplash, you have to exit when Night Splash begins, usually by 5 pm.  If you want to stay longer, you have to purchase another ticket to get back in.  Pogo Passes work the same way.  You can either use them for day or night entry, not both.  (See Pogo Passes for valid days/times the pass is accepted.)

How much are Sunsplash tickets at Costco?

The Costco closest to Sunsplash does not have tickets (yet?) for 2023.  I will update if this changes, but I checked (most recently) on May 28, 2023.

Pogo Pass is the smart way to visit Sunsplash!

My favorite way to get to Sunsplash if you’re going during the week . . .

Get a Pogo Pass — $59.99

They are reg. $119.98, but you get 50% off with affiliate link or discount code:  SUNSPLASH

Get into Sunsplash once, then have a bunch of other Phoenix & Tucson places to visit, many more than once!

These passes can be used right after purchase & will keep you busy beyond one day at Sunsplash.  It’s a SUPER DEAL that will allow your fun to continue longer!

Do you need to buy tickets online at Sunsplash or can you buy them at the gate?

You will save money and be guaranteed admission if you purchase your Sunsplash tickets online, but if capacity has not been met, you can also purchase tickets at the gate or enter with a Pogo Pass.

What if you can’t use your Sunsplash ticket on the scheduled day?

If you bought an online ticket to Sunsplash and can’t use it, the amount you paid can be applied towards the full-priced gate admission on another day.

If you know of other Sunsplash discounts, please leave a comment and we’ll add it to the list!

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  1. I am planning on taking classes in the summer. I am simply wondering if I can stand in the water at Sunsplash. Also, I am going there for a certain field trip, and I will not be able to learn to swim by the period I go on the field trip. By the way, thank you for these discounts information. My mother would love them!

    1. You could stand in the shallow part of one of their pools if you wanted.

      Their slides don’t land you in deep water, and there are lifeguards at the end of each slide, but you would have to be able to orient yourself and stand on your feet to feel safe & exit the water area after sliding down.

      There are lifeguards all over, but be careful unless you know how to swim!

  2. “You are such a natural storyteller. I just love your writing.

    I appreciate your effort on writing this article. I would definitely use the coupons to visit the watrepark.

    You got me so excited!

    Such beautiful writing this is. I appreciate your talent.”

  3. I’m trying to get me and my kids in as cheap as possible. There is 6 people and I can’t spend more than $50. If you can’t get us that deal are there a exit door we can open for everyone or a fence we can hop? It’s gotta be low so we can throw the stroller over too.

    -Hector aka lil diamond eyes

    1. Dude are you for real, haha omg…such an amazing comment

      1. I decided not to reply since … who knows!? Either way, epic.

        Well, since I’m replying now, I’ll ask my follow-up question, “How heavy is the baby?”

  4. Is this for today? We have 4 adults & 4 kids is there a coupon to use for today at this place?

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