FREE Arizona Coupon Class (Spend Less to Stock Up!)

Gina posted pictures of her panty on Facebook.  I added mine in the comments, and also posted them below.  (Follow us over there, if you’re not!)

She didn’t do it to make anyone jealous.  (But, look at that thing!  Her dad built it for her, adding to her existing one, taking 5 feet from her dining room.)  She did it to point out another benefit to smart shopping and stocking up at the right time.  She doesn’t feel stressed.  She feels great!

I feel the same!  The past two-ish weeks, I’ve bought some produce, bread, and some frozen veggies & pizza (mostly because they were on sale).  That’s about all.

I also feel good that I’m not part of the problem, with people trying to ramp up from nothing, to this.  I have acquired it slowly, over many months, so I am set.  I didn’t empty shelves then and I sure don’t need to now!

When this is all over, stores are well stocked again, and it’s safer to shop … I challenge those of you who had very little to join other Beyond! members.  Your stock won’t be like this overnight, but by spending the same as you do now, you can get here in a few months.  It’s not an instant, but won’t cost you extra since you’ll be shopping smarter.

Smart shopping and using coupons (even just digital!) frees up so much money and gives you security for times like this or times when you’re lazy or busy and don’t want to shop.  Eventually, you’ll have extra money to spend on something you want, invest it, or give it freely.  We’re not talking about a quarter or a buck here and there.  If you change the way you shop, you’ll save hundreds, which will soon turn into thousands.  Yes, really!

I say that if I’m a millionaire, I’ll still use coupons.  We’ll see.  I’m a bit off that mark now.  :)

We’re offering you 30 days to enjoy our coupon course (reg. $20) … FREE!  (The offer to sign up free may end at anytime.)

I know some of you have extra time, so I thought it might be a good time for you to learn something new and let me help you in a small way, during this time that is stressful for so many.

Obviously, with shelves being cleared & people staying home, some of it won’t be able to be implemented right away, but I hope you’ll be equipped for when the right time comes.

The 23 modules contain over 4 1/2 hours of video content, but it’s also available in written format if you want to save time or prefer learning that way.

Go here to get access.

Note:  If you are a Beyond! member, you already have access to this course.  No need to sign up for this.  Just login for access.


Here’s my pantry.  I’m also spoiled with a big pantry, I’ll admit it.  Not a nice as Gina’s, but I’m not complaining!! ~ Juli

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2 Comments on FREE Arizona Coupon Class (Spend Less to Stock Up!)

  1. Just starting the course, and I am learning so much! Juli truly has so much knowledge to share, thank you for making this course free! Can’t wait to use what I learn in the future!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to let me know. It’s appreciated! I hope you can get out there soon to start implementing some of what you learn. Remember, SOME! There’s too much to tackle at once, but take baby steps you’ll be a pro in no time! :)

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