Goodwill’s Return Policy for Arizona 2024

Return policy for Phoenix-metro area

Goodwill’s return policy varies from region to region.  Here are the policies for different areas in Arizona.

Can you return something from Goodwill to a different store?

You can return items you bought at one Goodwill store to another location as long as you’re in the same region.  You will receive store credit within 7 days of purchase (more details below).

The credit can be used at any location within the same region.  (For instance, Southern Arizona is different than the Phoenix-metro area.)

What is Goodwill’s return policy for the Phoenix metro area, Yuma, and Tucson (& Southern Arizona)?

Goodwill will accept returns in most regions (not all) within 7 days of purchase if you have the original tag attached and the receipt.  You will receive store credit that is good for one year from your purchase date.

Returns are not accepted on seasonal or new items.

See below for the policy in Northern Arizona.

Go here for more information on sale days and for a 20% off coupon that’s good for Central & Northern AZ locations as well at Yuma.

Can you return an item to Goodwill without the receipt?

If you don’t have your Goodwill receipt, you will be given the lowest selling price which is $1.  This is only part of the return policy for Yuma and the Phoenix Metro area.

What is Goodwill’s return policy for Northern Arizona?

All sales are final at Goodwill locations in Northern Arizona.  Check over your merchandise carefully and make sure you’re getting what you want before making your purchase!

Goodwill policies can change at any time, so please check with your local store to verify their current policy … and leave us a comment if it’s changed and we’ll update!

More information about Goodwill sales, policies, and coupons here.

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1 Comment on Goodwill’s Return Policy for Arizona 2024

  1. Goodwill stores will sell items that either don’t have a price tag on them or dont have one of their secret marks on it. If one of these is not present on that item they will not accept it for a credit! This is quite common to find items without the marks or tags, they will simply ring things up for the price marked by them in pen or by the tags unless they believe that the price is incorrect and assume that you’re up to no good! Several times I have found great deals and the checker has questioned the prices marked on those items, typically holding up the line of people and embarrassing me for no reason. Acting like I’m switching prices and changing their marks on items which is ridiculous. After 40 years of shipping at these stores and getting no respect at all is typical of Goodwill employees who change like the wind. Even the managers last no longer than few months. It’s bad when I know the stores rules better than they do. Plus if you are returning and they don’t believe the prices marked ( they’re way too high unless you have a discount) they will have you return it at the store you bought it from, which is fine but what you don’t know is they’ll call that store and warn them that they think you’re up to something. Then when you arrive they’ll take the item in their office and review a taped recording of that same. Which again is fine since I know I bought it there. Then after an hour if wasting your time give you the credit, which is mo eg they already have if yours from selling stuff they got for free!

    Here’s the catch, you go to return an item that’s missing the tag or the mark they put on it and you’re going to get $1 credit! If you ask them to review the tape video of your purchase to confirm it was bought and can’t be a thing less than the lowest priced item on the receipt but if you look at the order of the items as they are checked out they will know exactly what you paid. They will tell you they aren’t going to do that for you! It seems that it’s on to waste your time when they are trying to humiliate you or think you’re trying to deceive the store but have no interest in providing you with a return when it’s clearly their fault for not marking the items properly or providing a label on a item that was missing one even you bought it. I always check each item for markings and tags and if they are missing I make sure they go fetch me on!

    There have been times where I tested items and found they were working (rare occasions) and cleaned them up, then connected the to another item that I already had only to find out the item I had has an unknown problem. You would think that after 40 years of shipping at goodwill the manager would understand this type of situation and not worry about a $3.70 credit on 1 item that the tag was removed while returning 5 other broken items that all had tags on them with the cheapest item being the only one that worked for the amount of $3 70. But they had no interest in making it simple and just doing the right thing and ending it instead the thing they chose to do was 6o argue about it and when I asked them to review the video so I could prove I was right, they refused! When I asked why they won’t do it when it proves me right they told me I need to talk with the store manager who will be in tomorrow, when I let them know ( even though they should have known from looking at my receipt) that would be 1 day too late for the 7 day return period would end. So I requested 1 day grace to resolve it even though I had no intention of returning for a $3.70 credit and burn up $2 in gas and waste an hour if my 6ine going it and arguing with another goodwill worker over this entire scene.

    You’d think a company that gets its stick for free and charges as much as they do would go out of their ey to make sure customers are happy and aren’t getting ripped off or feeling ripped off when buying what is basically garbage.

    For those that don’t know, goodwill goes through everything and picks out the items that are in good working condition, they sell those items on eBay for the highest price possible. As an eBay seller they list themselves as a seller for nonprofit or a t like they give all proceeds as a donation to a charity (that gives them a fee discount) even though they are the charity but not a nonprofit.

    They will then overcharge in their shipping by at least 2 times their cost. Since they ship many items they get commercial rates plus an eBay discount, many times utsjacked ho 3 times their cost. They will add e tra weight to their packages as I e seen an entire Sunday newspaper just plopped in the box a folded neatly yet. 3lbs of extra weight.

    If the item they slated for eBay doesn’t sell for their lowest price they want they will then post it in their own auction site where they pull the same shipping overcharge game and add extra weight. The sale prices will be just as high or higher since they can now do what’s referred to as Shill bidding, this is when you bid a higher amount t than asked and your bid is budded up to the max point of your amount but these are not buds from other real buyers, but rather Goodwill’s own fake buyers who know you’re max amount and never go above that amount. Always stopping just short of the max bid.

    Then charge handing and overpriced shipping, should you’re item arrive damaged or incorrectly advertised yours SOL they don’t use carriers insurance, nope they claim to have their own insurance that simply won’t pay you, if you carry on about the sale , they just block youfrom using their site and you can’t do anything about it.

    All the junk that’s broken or missing pieces ends up in their stores marked with prices that are way too high. They used to have half off sales so I could see the prices being marked up k owing that most will only shop on those sale days but those no longer exist and the prices have gone up even more

    Just a terrible place to shop unless you like stained and ripped clothes that are 20 years old or you can fix broken electronics and hope someone will be willing to buy it for more than you have invested in it

    I never expect anything to fully functional ever.

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