Play NEW Safeway/Albertsons Game to Win! ~ June & July 2023 (FAQ’s!)

The Safeway/Albertsons Flavor Adventure game has ended for 2023.  I’m already looking forward to 2024 since I won some great prizes.  I’m going to miss the game!

I’ll get this updated when the 2024 Safeway/Albertons game begins!

The 2023 game is over.  Hope you won some great prizes!

Safeway/Albertsons has a new digital game called Flavor Adventure that you can play to win prizes.  Monopoly at Safeway is a thing of the past.  2023 is the second year they’ve done this.

The same is also happening at their other affiliates:  Vons, Jewel-Osco, Shaw’s, Acme, Tom Thumb, Randalls, United Supermarkets, Pavilions, Star Market, Haggen, Carrs, Kings Food Markets, and Balducci’s Food Lovers Market. (If you discover one isn’t participating, please leave a comment letting me know.)

The game started June 7, 2023 and ends August 1, 2023.

I like this even more than Monopoly since you get $$ off your groceries pretty easily!  You don’t win free products as in Monopoly, but you can still cash in on other valuable winnings.  You can get Rewards (to redeem for grocery or gas), valuable coupons, $$ off your total purchase, and sweepstakes entries. (More on Rewards here.)

The game isn’t super straightforward but I feel like they’ve improved it from last year.  Here’s what you need to know . . .

Where do you go to you play the new Safeway/Albertsons game?

Go here to play the Safeway/Albertsons new digital game.  You can also find links for “Flavor Adventure” in their app or on their website (scroll through  the banner ads until you see the game advertised), but the given link is where you’ll end up.  You can play each day, even without making a purchase.  More on that below.

You may also receive a receipt with a QR code on it.  If you scan that, it will take you to the same place as the link above.

How do you use the QR code on Safeway/Albertsons receipts to get entries for the game?

The QR code you see on your Safeway/Albertsons receipt will take you to the correct URL to play the game.  It isn’t tied to any entries or anything like that.  It’s simply advertising to get you to the game.

One most phones, you can open your camera, hold it up to the code, then click the link that pops up.  If that doesn’t work, you can go directly here.

If you earned entries for shopping, they will automatically be added to your account.  You can earn more entries by following the instructions below.

How long does the game last?

The new Flavor Adventure digital game at Safeway/Albertsons runs from June 7, 2023 – August 1, 2023.  You have plenty of time to win & get to the end of all the lands for $10-$15 off your purchase (multiple time!), plus you’ll earn other great prizes along the way!

How do you play the new Safeway/Albertsons game?

You will need to log in and follow the prompts to begin.  You will get one free game play the first time.

The most basic getting-started-instructions are to follow the prompts and do what it says.  It’s a bit confusing, but it kind of leads you along.  After that, you’ll need extra tips to maximize your winning.  Keep reading!

If you don’t want to just click along and follow their prompts, here’s the process . . . (but, you’ll want to know more to get bonus entries!)

  • Choose a game piece
    (It doesn’t matter what you choose.)
  • Select a “land” to play in.
  • Scroll down to the bottom where your game piece.
  • Click on the “launching pad” to propel your piece.
  • Read what pops up!
    (You could get a digital coupon, be shown a recipe, or play a mini game.  In the mini game, you can win Rewards, $$ of your purchase, or get a sweepstake entry.)

How often can you play Flavor Adventure?  How many times?

You can play the Safeway/Albertsons game each day.  You can earn up to 10 plays per day.  The days reset at 11 pm Arizona time.  (We’re Mountain time if you’re from somewhere else and want to do that calculation.)

Technically, you can actually PLAY more than that each day.  You can EARN only 10 entries per day, but you can PLAY them whenever you want if you prefer to save up.  You also earn an extra entry each time you go to a new land.  If you are maxed out at 10, another will still be added.  You will also get an added entry each time you complete a land.

Your first entry is free, but you will have to jump through some hoops to get additional chances.  Keep reading!

How do you earn entries for the Flavor Adventure game at Safeway/Albertsons?

After your first free entry for playing Flavor Adventure, you will need to earn gameplay by doing certain things.  The easiest is by shopping at Safeway/Albertsons as you normally do.

For every $10 you spend, you get 1 game entry & sweepstakes entries.  You can earn up to 10 entries per day.

Spend $10-$19.99 = 1 play, 1 sweepstakes entry
Spend $20-$29.99 = 2 plays, 2 sweepstakes entries
Spend $30-$39.99 = 3 plays, 3 sweepstakes entries
Spend $40-$49.99 = 4 plays, 4 sweepstakes entries
Spend $50-$59.99 = 5 plays, 5 sweepstakes entries
Spend $60-$69.99 = 6 plays, 6 sweepstakes entries
Spend $70-$79.99 = 7 plays, 7 sweepstakes entries
Spend $80-$89.99 = 8 plays, 8 sweepstakes entries
Spend $90-$99.99 = 9 plays, 9 sweepstakes entries
Spend $100+ = 10 plays, 10 sweepstakes entries

Those game credits will show up when you log in after your shopping trip.  You can play them anytime during the entry period.

How do you get extra bonus entries for the Safeway/Albertson’s game?

Beyond shopping, you can do additional tasks like following on social media or watching videos.

The fastest way to get entries is to go to the star icon on the top right, but those are one-time deals.

It will show you things you can do like following on Facebook, Pinterest, or watching a short video.  Click the “Go” button for the task you want to complete.  Once you do what is asked, the tab to will change to “Claim.”  You must click that to earn the entry.  Once you’ve done that, you can go back to the game and play.

A couple extra options will be added as the game goes along, so you can check back later for more options.

There are a couple short videos you can watch there, but there’s a whole additional area to earn extra entries for watching videos.  See below.

How do you get bonus entries for watching extra videos in the Safeway/Albertsons game?

If you don’t get 10 entries for making purchases or with a bonus entry under the star, you can also watch videos each day for extra entries.  You can earn up to 10 entries per day, combined.  (It seems like if you already watched 10 videos, then shop and spend more than $10, you’ll still get those entries.)

You also get a bonus entry each time you complete a land.  That gets added on top of your 10 entries.

To find the Flavor Adventure bonus entry videos, go to “Menu” then “Rules” and then “Alternate Entry.”

The videos are anywhere from about 2-6 minutes long, so they aren’t super quick.  If you are watching 10 (some will be duplicates), it will take some time!!

If you’re on a computer, try opening up 10 tabs and getting the videos going!  That speeds things up and seems to work in most (all?) browsers.

If you’re “half watching” you know the video is done when the “not a robot” thing comes up.  After checking that box, you will need to “select method of entry.”  I suggest selecting “transaction” since it will work in your app or in a browser, but I’m not sure it really matters what you choose.

If you’re on your phone, just make sure your screen doesn’t shut off or it won’t work.  It’s much faster on a computer if you can open multiple tabs!  But, no worries if you can’t . . . last year, I was on my phone and my house sparkled after this game.  I “watched” while I’ve made my bed, did dishes, vacuumed, prepared food, did laundry, etc.  It’s time consuming, but if you multi-task, the rewards at the end are nice!

You can win $15 off your meat purchase mulitple times — after completing each land.  (There are others to choose from, but that’s my favorite!)

How do you speed up the Safeway / Albertsons game video?

Last year, we were able to speed up the videos in the Flavor Adventures game.  I can’t figure it out this year.  There doesn’t seem to be an option online or in my app.  Well, I CAN speed them up if I click to watch them on YouTube, but then it doesn’t register that I watched the video, so I don’t get a bonus entry.

If are on a computer, try opening up multiple tabs and getting the videos going at the same times in each tab.  It doesn’t take long that way.

Do you have to claim the recipe you “win”?

If you discover a recipe or coupon you don’t want after one of your game plays, you may need to click on it to proceed in the game, but you can then click “decline” and then indicate that you “are sure” and get back to playing again.

How do you find the coupons, rewards, or prizes that you won in the game?

To locate your Flavor Adventure prizes, make sure you’re logged into your Safeway/Albertsons account online or in your app.  To me, the easiest way to see them (categorized with your other coupons) is to go to your list.

In your app, look for “list” on the bottom menu.

From a computer or browser on your phone, look in your “Account” on the top right.  Choose “My List.”

You will see what you won if you scroll down.  If you are looking for a cash-off coupon that you won, it’s probably on top.  Or, look in the “Special Offers” category.

In your app, you can also go to the “Deals” section and then make sure you’re in the “Categories” area.  Under the “Saving Events” area there are a few featured categories.  One of them is “Flavor Adventure.” (It’s not listed in the long list of categories, but can be found by scrolling to the right in the boxed/highlighted categories.)

All discounts should come off when you enter your phone number (or alternate ID) at the register before the stated expiration date.

Can you use coupons you win in the Safeway/Albertsons game with other coupons?

Yes, stack coupons to save even more at Safeway/Albertsons!

Here’s an example of water that I redeemed during the first week of the game.  There was a weekly ad coupon for $2.47, then I won a $1 coupon.  Using them both together made my 24-pk of water only $1.47!

If you have any issues with digital coupon redemption, head to customer service.

Can you win a Fresh Pass Membershp with the Flavor Adventure Game?

Yes!  If you don’t already have a Fresh Pass membership, you will probably be offered a free membership after you complete all the lands two times.  Keep watching those bonus videos and playing each day and it’s not hard to do! 

If you already have a membership, try canceling before you complete the lands.  (Your membership will still stay active for the entire time.  It just won’t renew and you won’t be considered an active member anymore, so you may get it.)

You’ll like Fresh Pass!  You get a $5 off coupon to load each month ($60 value!), free grocery delivery with purchases over $30, Rewards don’t expire, a $2 Starbucks drink each month, and 5% off most Open Nature, O Orgnics, & Signature Pet Care, and 2x points on ther branded items.  Full details here.  

Where can I find the bigger prizes I win in the Safeway/Albertsons game, like my Fresh Pass membership?

You will be emailed directions for claiming some of the larger prizes.  Look for your prize coming from “HelloWorld Customer Care.”  There’s also a chance it went to spam, so be sure to check there.  If you can’t find it, contact their customer service department.  

What happens when you get through all the lands/levels in the game?

If you make it through all the levels of Safeway’s “Flavor Adventure” game, you get to choose a nice prize to load to your account.  They range in value from $10-$15 for discounts on categories like meat, produce, deli, etc.

After that, you can start over with the different lands, after choosing a new game piece.

The best part?  You will still be able to choose from the same prizes again at the end and … rinse and repeat!  It will really add up!

Update:  A couple weeks into the game, they stopped allowing you to claim the same prize you already claimed.  The ones you’ve already claimed will no longer be available to load, but keep playing.  There are six!  (If you already loaded something more than once, it will still be in your account to use, so don’t worry about that!)

My favorite offer is the $15 off meat (since I can wait for a sale and make it worth a lot!).  I’ve been through the lands twice and could choose the same one again!


I hope you give this game a try and save some money over the next couple of months!

If you have any other questions, let me know in the comments.  Hopefully, I’ll know or can figure it out for you.

There seem to be plenty of Rewards, free products, and even $$ for groceries to be won.  And, I’d love to hear that one (or more!) of you win an amazing grand prize.  Good luck!

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65 Comments on Play NEW Safeway/Albertsons Game to Win! ~ June & July 2023 (FAQ’s!)

  1. Laaaaaaame . Bring back monopoly. Apparently Safeway marketing execs are tone deaf

  2. Laaaaaaame. Bring back monopoly. What time deaf executive at Safeway needs a talking to??

  3. This game does not work.

  4. Such a stupid and bad game. I am very computer savvy and this game is difficult to do. It doesn’t hook up to the Safeway app like last year and last year you could at least watch videos to get extra plays. Go back to the monopoly tickets. I won sooo much stuff that I was able to give 200 dollars worth of food to the food bank on 2 separate occasions. This flavor adventure game is boring and useless. Not fun. It’s like it was made for a child …like candyland but candyland is actually more fun. Please stop this idiotic game. Please bring back monopoly tickets. Not sure why this person thinks it’s great they must be getting paid to say it….cause NO WAY this is a fun game. It actually insults my intelligence.

  5. I really don’t like this game at all. It’s too much work. They need to make it waaaaay easier for all players. My Mom could never play this and she shops there often. 😔

    1. There’s no way my dad could play either. He doesn’t even own a computer and has a flip phone. Sadly, I guess they don’t design the game with everyone in mind.

      Personally, I don’t think it’s too bad. I spend a lot less time (and win more valuable prizes) than I did with the old Monopoly pieces that took up more of my time. But, I completely understand that it’s not ideal for everyone.

      I’m not affiliated with the Safeway (or their affiliates), so if you want to have your concern heard, be sure to contact their customer service.

      Sorry that you aren’t liking it.

  6. I finished the lands twice and chose 2 $15 paper, cleaning or home coupons, but when I went to use it only 1 of them worked. I used them on 2 separate transactions on 2 different days. Did both of your $15 meat coupons work?

    1. I used two meat coupons on the same day in two separate transactions and they worked fine. I was careful to buy over $15 for each one. Maybe there are some products that are excempt.

      1. Go to hear you could use both with two different transactions. I’m going tomorrow and will definintely be using at least one since they have some good meat sales this upcoming week!

    2. Most of the coupons for the open categories (not a specific product) say you can only use one per transaction. I assumed that meant for the exact same coupon. If you did it on two different days, I’m sure not sure why it didn’t work. I’d contact their customer service department and see if they can help you. Sorry that I can’t help more.

  7. New Year, New game. I couldn’t sleep so I tried the game. I won $10 off 10, $20 off 20 and one reward! I’m hooked. Good luck!

    1. Nice! I haven’t been so lucky yet, but enjoy the bonus Rewards I earned since I can turn those into $$ off my groceries or free itmems. Hope you keep winning!

  8. My spouse and I have been informed we won the 2nd grand prize. We are so excited and the best part we received the news on our wedding anniversary. All the forms are filled out and we have received a response verifying the big win. Just want to know how long it will take to get our prize.

    1. I figured I should probably explain what the prize was. $20,000 in groceries for a year paid in gift cards at $1,660 per month including $8,500 cash for tax implications.

      1. I was just informed that I won $10,000 in groceries. Did your email
        come from Hello World?

        1. Got the email and turned in the forms on 22nd of August did try to email them but was only told they were processing my order and will be in touch.

          1. I’m so sorry. I wasn’t being notified about comments (not sure what happened), so I’m just seeing this.

            CONGRATULATIONS, Patrick & Bev!!!

            That is awesome to hear! I hope you both got your final prizes and they’ll continue to roll in each month. Glad you played and got such a great prize. I didn’t get much, but every little bit helps. I’m sure you BIG BIT really helps. :) Enjoy it!

            1. I actually did receive the prize!

  9. Today I won a $40 off $40 purchase and last week a $10 off $10!!

    1. Lucky you! Good to hear people are still winning. Thanks for letting us know.

  10. Thanks for the game overview, this was great. I know that I can look it up myself, but one thing that you didn’t address was the “Sweepstakes”.

    1. I have to admit that I glaze over with rules & prizes for those since I just count it as a bonus and don’t dare hope to actually win. I aim low! :) I consider the winning process “magical.” I either win or don’t and they’ll tell me. Ha!

      I just looked … there are drawings each week and also a grand prize. You get entries for buying certain products or 3 entries for both weekly and grand prize drawings when you lose the mini games. They will email you if you win.

      You can read more about it here also see potential prizes:

      Come back and tell me if you win! I’d love to hear from someone who did!!

      1. I won $20 off $20 purchase 4 weeks in a row with reward points won in a game or just won this as a prize.
        Last week I also won 2 -$20 off $20 from the sweepstakes that I did not know about till I checked out at the store.
        I found every Wednesday morning was the best time to play as it appears to me from reading the rules that rewards rest every week on Wednesday.
        Today Tuesday July 26th should be the last day to play per dates in rules.
        Good luck!

        1. You sure have been lucky! Maybe Wed. was a better time.

          You’re right. Today is the last day to earn entries.

          Hope there are still some good prizes left!

      2. That someone is my wife.

    2. I was playing the game and I was told to go to the bonus menu no such creature does exist. I am very disappointed to say the least at this point.

      1. I’m not exactly sure what that is referring to but if you follow the directions above it will get you to the spot or bonus entries. Maybe that’s what you are referring to. If not, you can contact Safeway/Albertsons directly and they may be able to clarify. I’m not affiliated with them.

  11. This game is terrible. Half time it doesn’t work and is only good for online people. It seems like a discount scam and not a game with actual prizes like Monopoly. My store manager says its the new marketing person who only wants online buyers and curbside pickup orders. Ridiculous. My mom sure can’t play and she buys way more groceries than we do. Imagine if you’re disabled – #forgettaboutit

    1. I’m not loving the game either. It takes so much time & most of the prizes aren’t prizes at all … just advertising. Seems like they could make it more clear when you actually win vs when you see something they want to push. I won in the beginning, but nothing now. It’s just not worth the effort for me anymore, though I can’t complain about how it started … and seems to be that way for most that I’ve heard from.

      And, I understand your frustration with the 100% digital format. My dad has a flip phone and doesn’t own a computer. He could never play this game. Sorry!

      I’m not affiliated with Safeway, so if you want this feedback to get to them, make sure you contact them directly.

    2. I assume I haven’t earned my 5 rolls owed to me for spending over $100 . I thought they automatically showed up on luck for me. I did win $40 off $40 groceries, but had to have manager figure out why it wasn’t taken off groceries even tho I clipped coupon..they couldn’t figure it out so just took off $’s too confusing and annoying!

      1. You can try contacting them directly. I’m not impressed with the flow of this game and am also not sure I’m getting all of my automatic entries. It’s not a very straightforward game. Hope they can help you!

        Congrats on your $40, even though it was a pain to use!

  12. Thank you…this is a great overview of the game!
    I will add that my personal experience is that they give you rewards & credits on the first day that you play…and then it is a desert! However, after playing for another two days on (my and my parent’s accounts, I was about to give up, and then won $30 on the slot machine (which is where I had won $10 on the first day).

    1. Thanks for reporting that. I found the exact same thing to happen, and have gotten the same feedback from others. I think you can only win each prize once, so that lowers your chances later, but there should be more great prizes out there if we keep trying. Congrats on the $30! That’s a great one!

  13. Thanks for the encouragement. I won $20 this morning!

    1. Congrats!! That’s a good one. Enjoy watching that total come down the next time you shop!

  14. When I order groceries for pick up using the app, I am not earning entries

    1. I’m not sure if it’s a temporary glitch or if they didn’t account for that happening. You can try contacting their customer service. Maybe they can add entries or explain what’s going on. I’m not sure. Good luck!

  15. After they shut down for a day in the beginning I’ve been playing faithfully and haven’t won anything. My cashiers have said the same. I’m just curious – if anyone is winning anything?

    1. I have to be honest and say I gave up for a while because of the same results. Two nights ago, I was not sleeping and played at 3:30am and won $10. I thought it might be easier to win when fewer were playing. I’m not sure if it’s true or not. I probably just got lucky. I heard from someone else who won $20 at noon the day before that. So, they’re still giving prizes, but I think there are probably more people playing now, so we won’t be winning as much. Hope your luck changes soon!

      1. I would like to thank you for the detailed job you did explaining the Safeway Flavor Adventure Game. I’m sure that was a time consuming task. I have enjoyed playing and have had many great bargains this month. Especially, after I realized that you can stack the coupons you get along with the weekly coupons. By the way, I’m not being paid to say this and I’ll be 71 next month and have a pretty old cellphone. Thank you Juli.

        1. I’m super slow in seeng your reply, but I appreciate you taking the time to thank you for the Safeway game info. I’m glad you are saving a lot and finding it worthwhile.

          And, YES! There are some great deals to be found, even if you don’t win the big bucks since the allow coupon stacking.

          I love it when the flowers go on sale for $5 on Friday and I can use the $5 coupon to get them free. I’ve also gotten free McCormick taco seasoning, their brand of soda, and Powerade free (or for a couple cents). I’ve also gotten many chips, crackers, bread, watermelon, Grill Mates spice bottles, etc .. super cheap. I feel like the time I invest in the game is worth it!

          Hope you keep finding the perfect time to use your coupons and also win something big. Good luck!

  16. Can not play the game. It says they’re fixing the problem

  17. Game is not working

    1. yes game is not work – sent an e-mail and have not heard back – sent a PM on FB too – have not heard back – tried to contact customer service was on hold for over 20 mins finally hung up. You would think they would have posted an alert or something.

      1. I wish they didnt touch it, they decided to fix what wasnt broken & now they broke it, seems like they regret this game & dont want people playing. People were winning $50, $40, $30 etc etc, I dont know, it just seems fishy to me 🤷

    2. They now have a message saying they’re working on it. Hopefully, we can play soon!

      1. Where is the message at? Also the app isn’t working. It doesn’t remember my points, lists etc.

        1. It was super glitchy for a couple of days. Hopefully, you able to play now and everything came back. If not, I’m not sure if their customer service can help you or not. You could give it a try. Good luck!

  18. Now when I watch the videos, after they are over, I hit the I’m not a robot then hit done but nothing happens. Anyone else with this problem?

    1. Yes, its been like that all day yesterday & today for me.

      1. There is now a message saying they are “fixing a squeaky wheel” and are having technical difficulties. Hopefully, it will be up and running tomorrow!

  19. How do I get back to all the lands section so I can pick another land to play?

    1. The general link to the game should get you where you need to be. If you have an entry, it will take you to the land you’re in or a spot where you pick a land, and then (or maybe before?) it says, “Play Game.” If that’s not what you’re seeing, I’d exit out and get back there. You have to be logged in, so you may need to back up to or your app and be logged in before clicking the game link. Or … maybe there’s a temporary glitch you need to wait out. I don’t know, for sure. I just know it kind of guides you along to where you need to be if you have entries. If not, you need to go to the menu and watch a vide for an “alternate entry.”

      If you’re continuing to have issues, I’d contact their customer service. Good luck!

  20. Thanks for the info. I couldn’t figure out how to do the bonus plays until i found this site. Thanks to this site i did my bonus plays and won a reward plus $30.00 off of 30.00!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to tell me that. It takes me quite a while to write articles like this and to figure everything out, so I Iove to hear it’s been helpful. Congrats on your winning!!

  21. So if you already said “no thanks” to adding a recipe, is there anyway to undo that and add it and get an extra free spin? if so, how?

    1. I’m not positive, but I think if another recipe comes up, you will be able to add it. I don’t think there’s a way to go back for that one, though. The only way you can “easily” get extra entries for not shopping is to watch videos. Not matter what, you only get a total of 5 entries per day. You missed an “easier” entry, but you can watch another video instead.

  22. What’s with the QR code on bottom of receipts? What do we do with them? i scan it and it takes me to
    the website? Does are spins show up on our app??

    1. The QR codes only take you to the spot to play the game. I don’t think it’s any different than typing in the URL or clicking over from your app (where they advertise it). Technically, the game isn’t in the app. There’s a link there to play the game in a browser.

      I think (have to double-verify this still since I’ve only shopped once) all your shopping entries will automatically be given if you’re signed into the same account you shopped with.

  23. I shopped at Albertsons and received a QR code to add what I spent in the app. When I scan it, it opens the app but otherwise, it doesn’t seem to do anything. How do I add to what I spent to the app? Anyone know? Why is this so difficult? Thx

    1. I’ve only shopped there once since this began, but I’m pretty sure my entries were automatically added and I didn’t have to watch as many videos that day to get to 5 entries. I think your shopping & entries are tied together with your card/login. Maybe the QR code was only to alert you to the game? I’m not sure. Anyone know, for sure?

  24. Thank you so much! I was going to pass on playing but you did such a great job explaining the game I decided to try. Day one and I got 1 reward, $10 off $10, and $30 off $30. Wow!
    Thank you! 🤑

    1. I’m glad I convinced you to play! I hope amazing prizes keep rolling in for you!

  25. Great info!

    1. Glad you found it useful. Good luck!

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