Get the Upside Cashback App for Gas ~ Review + $15 BONUS for You!

Updated: June 2023

A couple years ago, I was testing this cashback app for gas before sharing.  GetUpside (now called just “Upside”) is legit!

Code PAEBT can get you an extra 15¢-25¢/gallon (can vary or change at any time) on your first purchase.  Go to this link to download and make sure to enter the code in the appropriate spot.  (Affiliate link, thanks for using it.)  UPDATE:  Through June 25, if ou sign up and make a purchase of $10 or more, you get a $15 bonus using the code PAEBT! (I also get a bonus.  Thank you!)

I was (and still am) hooked and that doesn’t happen easily for cashback apps, for me.  But, it’s simple and the savings really do add up.

I’m not in love with many of the receipt-scan or other “after purchase” apps that are out there.  The payoff just isn’t enough for the time and hassle involved.  (Tangent:  The exception is Ibotta.  I’ve found that to be incredible sometimes, especially since you can often get 5 of the same item & they can match with the Fry’s/Kroger cashback offers!  You can read more about that here, if you want.)

I began testing Upside with skepticism and really never planned to share it with you since I figured it would be “just another one of those apps” that gives you pennies for your effort.

Here’s why I ended up liking the Upside app . . .

  • Easy to find gas stations around me (mostly Circle K)
  • Check-in from phone most of the time, super simple!
  • Savings add up (5¢-19¢ per gallon seems to be what I see)
  • Can save on top of Fry’s/Kroger Fuel points (see below)
  • Even save at some restaurants (very limited now, but it’s something!)
  • Savings is more than a few cents each time

How does Upside gas app work?

  •  Download the Upside app.  Then, if you enter my referral code when it asks for one we both benefit.  (Thanks!)  Use code:  PAEBT for an extra 15¢-25¢/gallon (can vary or change at any time) off your first gas purchase. (RIGHT NOW THERE’S a $15 BONUS IF YOU MAKE A $10 PURCHASE BY JUNE 25.)
  • Allow location access if you want a map to show offers nearby.
  • Tap on the offer you want to use before your purchase.
  • Make the purchase with your credit or debit card within 4 hours of loading the offer.
    The first time, you’ll need to enter the first 6 & last 4 digits of your credit card so they can track your purchase.
  • Most stations have you “check-in” and that’s all you do as long as your credit card is entered.
  • See cashback balance in your account in 12-24 hours.
  • Get payment through a bank account, check, PayPal, or gift cards. (anytime, but $1 fee if don’t hit minimum)

I have more specifics on all this below, but don’t let them bog you down.  They’re just details for those who want to know all the ins and outs.  You can download the app, follow the prompts (enter code PAEBT for bonus) and get going right away.  But, here’s a bunch more if you like details . . .

Is the GetUpside app the same as the Upside app?

Somewhere along the way, they changed the name of the GetUpside app to Upside.  They are the same thing for all practical purposes.

This is not normal, but I recently received this $1/gallon bonus!

How much do you save on gas with the Upside app?

The amount you save with GetUpside can vary, but it usually seems to be 5¢-19¢.  Since I used a referral code for my first gas purchase, I ended up saving 32¢ per gallon!  (Use my code and we both benefit.  You get an extra 15¢-25¢/gallon — can vary or change at any time — off your first purchase. GetUpside code:  PAEBT)

After that, it seems that most of my offers are around 5¢-12¢/gallon, but that can go up or down.  Not only does it depend on the location, but also the day or even the time.  You just have to look in the app when you’re ready to get gas and see what the best offer is.

I’ve found that I can’t trust the pricing listed 100%, but that I can trust the savings per gallon listed.

You can redeem up to two gas offers per day, for a total of 50 gallons each.  Unless you’re on a road trip in a huge gas guzzler or drive a whole lot for your job, I think you’ll come in under the daily limit!

Can you save on more than gas with Upside?

Some restaurants & grocery stores can also offer a discount through GetUpside.  However, there aren’t many choices in my area.

Keep in mind that purchases through 3rd parties like UberEats & GrubHub do not qualify for cashback.

I was able to use a coupon at Boston Market and still got 20% cashback!  We were going there anyway, so it was like free money returning to my pocket.  Currently, the Popeyes near me is offering 38% cashback, but I’ve also seen it lower.

The typical discount is only about 6% and restaurants are very limited.

Some regions have grocery stores participating, but not in my area, so I don’t have any extra knowledge of the savings that can be found there.  I did read that you will have 24 hours to make your purchase after claiming an offer, instead of the usual 4 hours for gas stations or restaurants.

Again, offers vary and nothing is locked in until you tap to claim the offer.


How do I get my cashback from Upside?  Is there a minimum needed to cash out?

You can cash out for any amount with Upside which is rare for a cashback app.  However, if you are under $15, there is a $1 processing fee.  If you prefer, many gift cards are available for $10.  Most other apps seem to make you wait until you hit $20 for cash or a gift card, so the option to cash out early for a small penalty is a nice option.

When you’re ready to get your money from Upside, choose “Cash Out” from the menu or just click on your total shown in the top right of the app.

There are many gift cards to choose from (more than pictured above, including Amazon).  You can also request a PayPal payment or a check to be mailed.

You can cash out at any time, but it’s best if you wait until you hit $10, $15, or $50.

  • Most gift cards are valued at $10
  • PayPal payments avoid a $1 fee if you hit $15 or referred a friend
  • Check requests avoid the $1 fee if you are at $50 or referred a friend

Is the Upside app safe & secure?  Why do I need to use a credit or debit card with Upside?

You need to use your credit or debit card (not pre-paid) to accumulate cashback with GetUpside, but you don’t have to enter the full number.  They only ask for the first 6 and last 4 digits, so I consider it pretty secure.

The reason they do this is to prevent fraud while tracking your purchase and determining how much you earned.

You will be prompted to enter your numbers the first time you use the app.  After that, you will simply tap the credit card you wish to use.  You can enter more than one credit card if you don’t use the same one every time.

If you want to set it up now or add additional cards, choose “My Wallet” from the menu to enter credit card information.


Sadly, this graphic is old and gas pricese have gone up.  Current

What gas stations are included in the Upside app?

You can see all gas stations included when you click on the map in your Upside app.  In general, these stations are included:  Circle K, Shell, bp, Phillips 66, RaceTrac, & Valero.

Around Chandler, Arizona, I see many gas offers for Circle K and Shell.  This can vary by region and they could add more anytime.

Allow the app to access your location and you’ll see all the nearby offers.

Below, are other companies included, though all locations may not be participating.  Always check your app to claim offers before filling up.

Can you use the Upside app with other offers like gas station fuel points?

You can stack fuel points or most other discount gas offers with the Upside app . .  kind of.   The amount listed will be reduced by 3.5¢, but you’ll still receive extra!  For Arizona, that means we can use Fry’s Fuel Points or the 10¢-30¢/gallon discount we can win playing the Circle K instant win game.  (More on the game here.)

Update:  One time, I got a rejection message after using an instant win savings of 15¢/gallon.  I’m not sure if they are still allowing discounts to be combined all the time.  It may depend on the amount.

What are the time requirements for the Upside app?

After you tap an offer you want to redeem in the Upside app, you will have 4 hours to get there and use it.  You need to check-in when you get there.

A countdown clock will begin once you choose an offer.  The location’s address is also shown, so make sure you’re at the right station.

How does the Upside check-in work?

Tap on the map to see nearby offers.  Then, scroll down below that to “Claim” the offer you want.  A four-hour countdown timer will begin after you claim it, so don’t do it too early.  On that same screen, you will see a spot to tap for “Check in.”

Check-in when you’re there if you claimed it earlier, or just do both when you get there.

All the stations around me now are check-in only, so I’m guessing it’s pretty widespread or everywhere now.  It makes it super simple!

Do you need a receipt with Upside?

Most gas stations require you to check-in, which is super easy.  You do not need a receipt for those locations.  If check-in is not available, you will need a receipt, but I haven’t even seen that option lately.  Just make sure you use the credit card you entered (or choose the right one if you have entered multiple).

I’d get one anyway, for backup, in case you ever want to prove you were there and a check-in failed.

If you’re at a restaurant, you need the itemized receipt, not just your credit card receipt.  Be sure to ask for it.  You’ll need to upload both.

Can you unclaim an Upside offer?

There is no penalty for claiming offers and not redeeming them, but if you want to unclaim an offer, click “Unclaim” on the top right of your app.

If you have any additional feedback or questions, please leave them in the comments below.  If I don’t know the answer, I’ll try to find it for you.

This post may contain one or more affiliate links.  We appreciate you using them and supporting this site.  Thank you!

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7 Comments on Get the Upside Cashback App for Gas ~ Review + $15 BONUS for You!

  1. I thought I signed up for an Anniversary Special of an additional 20 or 21 cents on the 20th or 21st of February. Am I mistaken?

  2. GetUpside is No. I repeat No cashback! They straight took all my accumulated funds. So your still paying the same full amount for gas. They are a fraud!

    1. Have you tried contacting their customer service? I can’t speak to the issue you’re having, but I can tell you that I use it all the time and so do several people that I know personally and we haven’t experienced this. I have cashed out for multiple gift cards (over a long period of time) and my balance is still there waiting for me to do it again. My “new” money usually shows up within 24 hours of getting gas and is ready to be withdrawn. I hope they can help you figure out what went wrong since it would be very frustrating to have it disappear!

  3. I never thought about frys or safeway gas rewards. I will have to look into it and see what I come up with. Thanks for ur time and explanation. Have a great weekend!

    1. For Safeway (don’t have a Safeway station near me), I’ve found the Chevron stations around me are usually higher that other stations and it’s not worth using my Rewards there. ($100 = 1 Reward = $0.10/gallon discount) I use those rewards for getting free products or $ off my purchase. Again, do the math, but since I’m so close to Costco and Circle K/GetUpside works for the other times, I prefer to get free groceries. Hope you have a great weekend, too!

  4. You find that it’s better than Walmart, Sam’s, Costco pricing? We downloaded it for my husband since he drives all over the valley so some parts of Phoenix are cheaper than north Scottsdale but it’s mostly only Circle K for the deal and he’s found that he saves more with Walmart. Let me know if u know if/do something/go elsewhere that it works better for. Thanks.

    1. I don’t have a Walmart station near me, so I can’t speak to their pricing. But, Costco & Sam’s are hard to beat.

      However, when I have enough Fry’s fuel points saved up, I usually head to Circle K to save even more. What “enough” is can vary, so I use my Gas Buddy app to check prices. (I’m super close to a Costco & Circle K.)

      Costco is almost always cheaper, so I have to do some math. If I only have $0.20/gallon off, it might be close to even. Other times it’s better, especially when I factor in additional savings with GetUpside (maybe count on half of what it says if you’re stacking with the Fry’s discount).

      Every once in a while Costco will still beat what I’d pay at Circle K with fuel points (if I don’t have many) and I just stick with Costco. I’d say I go to Circle K about once a month, skipping every once in a while, but rarely. And, there are the rare times when we’re somewhere else and we haven’t planned or whatever and I use GetUpside if there’s no other cheap gas near us.

      So .. long answer to say, I can save more, but usually in conjunction with Fry’s fuel points, but not always. :)

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